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Christmas card

I’m running a little late with the Christmas card.  Ideally I’d post it a week before Christmas so it stays up as the last entry for a while, and I’m busy doing Christmas things.  This year I had a few … Continue reading

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it’s a matter of taste

Why are there fat kids in America?  You mean, as opposed to Ethiopia? Why does a noisy shouting angry rap star object to the sentimental teenage murmurings of a country pop star? What makes all this crap news?  I think … Continue reading

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on anonymity, animalimity, something

Some people wait until they have enough cool stuff to post.  I just like to write.  I have learned from other peoples’ mistakes in the blogosphere.  I wish never to pay an attorney for anything ever again. I’ve reached a … Continue reading

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On Mother Teresa, sort of

I think my virtual ship may have arrived in the bitstream.  Xfinity sent me a letter and is advertising likewise on TV with the following offer.  For only $19.95 a month, for the next 12 months, with a 12-month contract, I can … Continue reading

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you mean, like Miss Piggee?

It hasn’t been a week since Alexander Piggee ignited a fire that all but destroyed the Roseville Galleria, Sacramento’s most monster Westfield shopping mall, into which I have never set foot.  Since then, our presumptuous MainStreamMedia has been giving his … Continue reading

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rainin like a sonomabitch

We can’t do this stuff in real time.  But if we could, you’d see that northern California’s Doppler radar is extremely green right now.  I’d take a picture but I don’t want to get the camera wet.  (good excuse)  But … Continue reading

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snow, baby

I saw it on my home page weather icons.  The cloud with the tiny white crystals coming out of it.  I believe it said the low would be 27F that day.  Boots is not enough.  Oddly, yesterday I got up … Continue reading

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